Photo credit: @freshcoatcreative

Five Instagram accounts you should be following

Looking for fashion inspiration? Love a glimpse at strangers’ picture-perfect homes? How about an ideal holiday destination well off the beaten path? Here are five Instagram accounts to try.



  1. @mumlittleloves

Hayley Little’s Instagram feed looks like an archive of ‘Home Beautiful’ magazine, thanks to the mum of three’s classic coastal interior style.

“The day I met my husband was the day that cemented my life of interiors,” says Hayley. “He’s a builder and together we have built or renovated seven homes.”

“We choose family-friendly interior designs with a classic coastal vibe. We like our houses to feel warm and inviting, but also calm and stylish. We share all our building and renovation progress with my Insta-friends.  I like to keep it real – as long as it’s beautiful!”



  1. @freshcoatcreative

Tait Whitelaw is passionate about his career in graphic design, photography and surfing – clearly evident from his Instagram feed. This carefully-curated account features Tait’s professional shots from food to wildlife, including his stunning landscapes – our favourites, many that showcase landmarks in his hometown of the Gold Coast.

“I take plenty of landscape photos, as I love being out in nature, but I also love portraiture, music, water and studio photography. Each has technical skills that make it fun and challenging,” he explains.

WARNING: Scrolling through this account may make you pack up and move to the Gold Coast!



  1. @goldcoastinsider

Fee Guthrey relocated from Melbourne to the Gold Coast two years ago with her family. After working in senior hotel management for a decade, the mum-of-two is now a brand ambassador for The Bucha of Byron, which sees her revealing the best foodie spots between Brisbane and Byron Bay.

“I love sharing my finds with my friends and followers,” enthuses Fee. “I am a self-confessed chatterbox so my Instagram account is essentially another way for me to communicate and share my day.”

She also knows a thing or two about travel and is about to launch her first Airbnb on Chevron Island. Think of this account as a hotel concierge in your pocket!



  1. @soireesisters_

Rebecca Coleman, event planner and founder of the Soiree Sisters, is an expert on using Instagram to promote small business.

“The majority of our business comes from our Instagram account,” she says. “It provides us with the ideal platform to share what we love and create with our followers, without the need for pushy marketing tactics.”

Rebecca’s feed transports you to a world of whimsy: think luxe florals, gourmet-grazing and anything pretty and pink! Your parties will never be the same again.



  1. @meljoyhysteric

Having been in the fashion industry for close to 20 years, Mel Tan’s unique style is instantly recognisable in her Instagram feed. Mel has worked as a fashion and art director, stylist and producer for premium fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Sony Pictures, MINI and more. Her Instagram features a mix of uber-creative images representing both her personal and professional life.

“I’m really inspired by the art of tattoos, Japanese pop culture and 90s hip hop music, and I LOVE creating unique looks,” says Mel. “I would say my style is unique, eclectic and bold, which I can thank my late mother Rosie for.”

With more than 180,000 followers across her social media channels, we think Mel is definitely a fashion force to be reckoned with!