Introducing Zarraffa’s Zed Bread and Open Club

Introducing Zarraffa’s Zed Bread and Open Club

Part of a growing food range, Zarraffa’s Coffee has introduced a couple of light and tasty menu options to complement their extensive beverage menu.

The aptly named Zed Bread is a scrumptious, toasted flat bread, folded in a ‘Z’ shape, layered with tasty cheese, mayonnaise and smoked ham.

While the Open Club – chicken, bacon, Parmesan, mayo and snipped chives – is available at all 70 plus Zarraffa’s Coffee locations across Queensland, NSW and WA.

Both of the new menu items fulfil the specialty coffee QSR’s customers’ needs to enjoy fulfilling food options – any time of the day.

Zarraffa’s CEO, Kenton Campbell, said that his customers are after convenient food that is equal to the demands of both in-house diners and consumers on-the-go.

“When we talk about convenience at Zarraffa’s it does not equate to ‘fast food’ for us,” he said.

“We are interested in giving our customers tasty options that, while delivered in a timely manner, are ultimately about being easily accessible to them both in our stores and through our drive thrus.”

Just as the coffee drinking market has changed, Mr Campbell believes, so have the expectations on QSR food.

“We are all being held to a higher standard, especially when food is being served alongside our coffee. We’ll never be a deli but our philosophy is to deliver simple options, prepared well in our stores for our customers to enjoy across the day.”

Mr Campbell said at its heart, Zarraffa’s is a specialty coffee business but one that wants to satisfy the brekkie crowd, the mid-morning snacker, the lunchers on-the-go, the after-school mob, the evening diners and the late-night treaters.

“We are open in so many of our stores across a large section of the day and night – and we want customers to feel like there is something sweet, savoury, filling or light available to them at all times.”

“We’ve worked out that having coffee ‘your way’ equates to happy customers, and it’s just as important that we put the same amount of time and effort into producing a food menu that is of a high standard and with a range of choices.”

“Expect to see more menu debuts across the next 24 months as we work with our customers to enhance choice and convenience, all under one roof.”

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