Join in the fun with the Zarraffa’s Barista Team Challenge

Prep your tastebuds, the 2018 Zarraffa’s Barista Team Challenge (ZBTC) has arrived!

You’re invited to watch all of the action across our Instagram and Facebook pages, and support your favourite store teams!

Across 4 days, 21 of the top Barista teams from Zarraffa’s Coffee stores throughout Queensland and Western Australia will take to the stage and test their ability to produce an ‘individually perfect cup of coffee’, in front of a panel of experienced judges.

Teams will be required to make an espresso, pour a perfect latte, and experiment with flavours to create their signature beverage using only Zarraffa’s products, all within the 15 minute time allowance. This year also includes the addition of a Latte Art section, where contestants will showcase their creative flair.

Baristas are required to display their knowledge of the coffee bean and its origins, as well as proving a solid understanding of the ‘liquid gold’ coffee that they are producing in store. With team names like Pimp Ma Latte, Barista Sisters and the Caffeinated Rangers, the challenge is sure to be entertaining!

The best barista teams will be selected to move through to the final round of the ZBTC, which will be held on September 5th. The winning team will be announced on the Zarraffa’s website.

Best of luck to all of the teams, we look forward to sampling all of your signature coffees! Will your local store team be competing?

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