Zarraffa’s Coffee Eagleby

Soaring to New Heights with Drive Thru at Eagleby

Hard work and a foundation of great coffee have paid off for Zarraffa’s Coffee franchisees, Nick and Kelly Daswani who will open Zarraffa’s 87th store in Eagleby on September 24th.

After the ongoing success of their Beenleigh Store that opened in 2012, it was time for the dynamic husband and wife duo to take on the challenge of a fast-paced drive thru store, capping off a stellar 12 months as the incumbent Zarraffa’s Franchisees of the Year.

Mr Daswani said opening and running the Beenleigh store was an incredible learning experience and he is excited to embark on this next chapter, providing great coffee to Eagleby residents.

“We’ve long been interested in growing as part of the Zarraffa’s family and when the Eagleby site came up we knew it would be the perfect next step in our small business journey,” said Daswani.

“From washing dishes and steaming lattes eight and a half years ago, originally working in another Zarraffa’s store, to standing on the stage as Franchisee of the Year in 2017, the journey with Zarraffa’s Coffee has been a dream come true,” he said.

The new team at Eagleby Drive Thru will consist of some fresh faces, accompanied by a small number of staff from the Beenleigh Store, to provide experience and consistency.

“Our plan is to take the family environment we’ve cultivated at our Beenleigh Store over the past 6 years and replicate that culture at Eagleby,” he said.

The new store is located at Eagleby Service Centre, corner Brigade Drive and River Hills Road, along the bustling Gold Coast/Brisbane growth corridor.

Zarraffa’s Managing Director, Kenton Campbell, said that the location is critical to the success of any new drive thru site, but that it was also equally important to have a highly trained team who love what they do.

“Nick and Kelly’s passion for the brand, for our coffee culture and their enthusiasm to serve up great coffee each and every day, is why they were given the company’s top award,” he said.

It is also reflected in the recent win of Nick and Kelly’s Beenleigh Baristas, who were earlier this month crowned Zarraffa’s Barista Team of the Year in a challenge where baristas from across the Zarraffa’s group went head to head in coffee making expertise.

“It is crucial that as a company we continue to move forward and support the goals of our franchisees, who reinvest over and over in our brand – in time, energy and commitment to our system,” said Kenton.

“It is because of people like Nick, Kelly and their team that we will be able to keep delivering great coffee and service in even more areas of the country, for years to come.”

Zarraffa’s Coffee Eagleby is located at Fast Food 2, Eagleby Service Centre, corner Brigade Drive and River Hills Road, Eagleby QLD 4207.

Opening hours: 5am – 10pm, seven days a week.

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