Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit

The latest trend in themed trivia nights

Gone are the days when trivia nights were the domain of pub regulars and general knowledge enthusiasts. A new generation of trivia night regulars are taking over, pubs are embracing it as the new ‘in thing’ and the events are now spreading beyond these venues.

Trivia nights gained popularity in the 1970s, with many pub regulars discovering their competitive side while catching up with friends over a drink or two. In 2017, smart is the new sexy, with intelligence featuring in shows like The Big Bang Theory. Suddenly it’s become cool to show off your nerdy side.

Themed trivia nights are trending, with many pubs and bars hosting themed trivia nights on topics ranging from The Simpsons to the 90’s. As one trivia regular puts it, it’s a great way to see how much information she picks up and remembers during day-to-day life. For others, the competitive aspect keeps them coming back each week, chasing the brain workout that they crave. Many love the social aspect of the pub quiz events.  As most are held on a weeknight, it’s a great way for competitors to catch up with friends and meet new people.

With winter well and truly here, a night out may not be as appealing as it was in warmer weather. Trivia nights are the perfect remedy because they can be held at home. So gather a few friends and follow these tips to host your own awesome trivia night. Who knows, it may become a regular social event amongst your friends.

Tips for at home trivia nights

  • Pick a theme. If you are into superheroes, why not host a Marvel trivia night?
  • Decide on the menu. You could theme the menu then included complimentary trivia questions. How about a sushi, sake and toribia (Japanese for trivia) night? Or Beerbutter, chocolate frogs and Harry Potter trivia?
  • Research your questions. You’ll find heaps of trivia question sites online. Alternatively, go retro and pick up the board game Trivial PursuitTarget stocks a 2000s version of the game for players keen to test their knowledge of all things since the beginning of the new millennium. These websites offer free questions on many varied topics.
    Quiz Night Chief – Offers a wide variety of questions, from specific countries to general questions such as sports, and technology
    Random Trivia Generator – Generates random trivia questions on a wide variety of topics
  • Create a prize for the winning team of the night. It could be anything from a bottle of wine to chocolates. On the other hand, if you and your friends enjoy the trivia nights and it becomes a regular event, why not chip in for a championship prize to be presented to the winning team in the spring.

If you’d like to explore trivia nights in your town or city, the following websites offer directories on trivia night locations for each state, as well as the times and days they are held.


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