United Blends – the Many Faces of Zarraffa’s

Throughout the month of January, we will be showcasing some of our talented team members from around the country!

Australian-owned and operated, for the past two decades Zarraffa’s has grown as a family of businesses and here are just a few of our familiar faces to tell you their story, in their own words!


Corey Blakemore


Zarraffa’s Coffee Douglas, Fairfield, The Lakes and Riverway Drive, QLD

What did you do before you joined Zarraffa’s? 

I was a struggling young adult and I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had managed a Pizza Hut store for a while before finding Zarraffa’s.

Number of years with Zarraffa’s?

Thirteen years! Across Gold Coast and Townsville locations.

When was the store established?

Our first franchise in Fairfield, Townsville opened five years ago, and our most recent store in Douglas (another suburb of Townsville) only opened in December last year.

What is your favourite Zarraffa’s beverage? 

I love a double shot Grande Iced Americano with pouring cream.

Tell us more about working in your local community:

Once while working at the Miami (Gold Coast) store, one of our regular customers confided in us that she was struggling to start a family. We were so happy for her when she came in one day and told us that she was pregnant. She came down to the store to share the news with the whole team. And once she had the baby, we were her first stop on the way home from the hospital, naturally!

Another regular customer of ours met her boyfriend on a blind date when I was working at the Worongary (Gold Coast) store. Her boyfriend came in one day and asked if we could set up a special surprise proposal, because Zarraffa’s was their special place. Of course, she said yes! And the rest is history.

It’s an awesome feeling to have a business where people make such personal and special memories, and where they connect with the staff so well.

In Townsville, we are currently involved in fantastic sponsorships with the North Queensland Fire and the North Queensland Cowboys teams.

We have a dream to be a business that is known in the region for its support of family, as we believe in the importance of having a strong family unit. We have started a game day with both sporting teams that will be focussed on parents spending time with their kids, or families generally spending time together. Our first event will be the Daddy-Daughter basketball game on the 19th January. We are encouraging parents to bring their kids to the game and then to bring them on a family date to Zarraffa’s for some quality time after the game. Hopefully this is just the start of some great things to come!



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