Zarraffa’s Australia Day 2019

United Blends – the Many Faces of Zarraffa’s

Throughout the month of January, we will be showcasing some of our talented team members from around the country!

Australian-owned and operated, for the past two decades Zarraffa’s has grown as a family of businesses and here are just a few of our familiar faces to tell you their story, in their own words!



Trent Moody and Oliver Humphry


Zarraffa’s Coffee Belmont North, NSW


What did you do before you joined Zarraffa’s? 

Trent: I have worked for Zarraffa’s since 2009, in many different roles. I’ve worked up from a barista in training, to a store manager and I’ve also worked for Zarraffa’s Head Office.

Oliver: I’ve been with Zarraffa’s since 2010, but have always worked in hospitality.

Number of years with Zarraffa’s?

Trent: I’m coming up on ten years now!

Oliver: I’ve worked with Zarraffa’s for nine years.

When was the store established?

We just had our first birthday in December!

What is your favourite Zarraffa’s beverage? 

Funnily enough, we both pretty much have the same drink every day! We love a Short double ristretto Caffe Latte, made at 50 degrees.

Tell us more about working in your local community:

Bringing Zarraffa’s Coffee to New South Wales was always going to be a challenge. We weren’t sure how the brand would be received down here, especially as there were no other stores in the state, but it has really taken off! This is a testament to the product that we serve and our mission to serve amazing coffee with even better customer service. Zarraffa’s really is more than just a cup of coffee and that’s evident by how loyal our customers are!

We have some amazing customers who have supported us since day one. One couple who really stand out for us are our regular customers Bec and Graham. When we first opened, we were both working long hours opening and closing the store each day. One weekend Bec brought us in a batch of muffins she’d made at home, because she wanted to do something nice for us and make sure that we were looking after ourselves. Since that weekend she bakes something every single weekend and brings it down to the store for our team, which is so lovely.

For us it’s just about getting out there and interacting with every facet of the Belmont community. Belmont really has its own ecosystem, and we’ve met people who have lived here their entire lives and really love the area. We are really enjoying being involved in the lives of our customers, building relationships with our community and making the store feel like a second home.


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